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Fibroid Uterus



Uterine fibroids are benign tumors that originate in the uterus (womb). Although they are composed of the same smooth muscle fibers as the uterine wall (myometrium), they are much denser than normal myometrium.



1.      Intramural

2.      Sub mucosal

3.      Sub serosal



1.       Unknown

2.       Genetic abnormalities

3.       Alterations in growth factor (proteins formed in the body that direct the rate and extent of cell proliferation) expression

4.       Abnormalities in the vascular (blood vessel) system

5.       Tissue response to injury include

6.       First menstrual period (menarche) prior to age 10

7.       Consumption of alcohol (particularly beer)

8.       Uterine infections

9.       Elevated blood pressure (hypertension).



1.      May be asymptomatic

2.      Abnormal uterine bleeding

3.      Heavy bleeding, painful,  prolonged menses or spotting between menses.

4.      Fibroids can also cause a number of symptoms depending on their size, location within the uterus, and how close they are to adjacent pelvic organs. Large fibroids can cause:

·         Pressure

·         Pelvic pain

·         Pressure on the bladder with frequent or even obstructed urination

·         Pressure on the rectum with painful or difficult defecation.







Fibroids are a leading cause of hysterectomy (the removal of the uterus).
Removal of uterus leads to surgically induced menopause. The abrupt disruption in the production of hormones will cause symptoms that are more severe, more frequent and last longer compared with symptoms of natural menopause.

Myomectomy is the surgical removal of the fibroid while preserving the uterus but recurrences are often observed.


Homeopathic remedies help in balancing the hormones, shrink the fibroids and reduce heavy menstrual bleeding. They are natural, effective, with no side effects and can be used even during pregnancy.


Homoeo Clinic offers a holistic treatment method, not only aids the treatment of the discomforts caused by uterine fibroids but also has a positive effect on the overall health of the woman. 






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