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Allergy is a response of the defense system to certain substances termed allergens, which usually are harmless. Allergy erupts when your body reacts to something it is abnormally sensitive to. When you come in contact with any allergen your body will defend itself by releasing substances known as antibodies. The ensuing reaction between antibodies and allergens trigger the release of 'Histamine' and other chemicals, which cause the symptoms of allergy.


Environment: Grass pollen, animal hair, feathers, dust mites, chemicals and industrial pollutants and certain plants.

Almost any food can bring on an allergic response. The commonest being milk, cheese, eggs, nuts, fish and shell-fish, wheat and flour, chocolates and artificial colourants.

Other factors: You can be allergic to soaps, perfumes, detergents, insect bites, antibiotics, cosmetics and jewellery.




   Running nose,





There are three steps to be taken when dealing with an allergy.

1.   Firstly, identify the cause or allergen

2.   Secondly, avoid it.

3.  Thirdly, if avoidance is impossible, treat the symptoms. Keep a diary and try to trace a pattern or relation between your allergic reaction and the allergen. Eg. Sneezing while doing housework could mean you are allergic to house dust.

Do breastfeed your baby for the first 6 months to strengthen the immune system and avoid contact with allergens such as in cow's milk.

Take steps to deal with stress, anxiety and tension as these can 
influence the frequency and severity of symptoms

Good nutrition, balanced diet, adequate rest and relaxation will be beneficial.

Taking extra care like wearing gloves while using detergents and cleaners

Clean your house, or vacuum frequently to get rid of dust mites, animal hair, etc.

Remember that most allergens are in themselves harmless. It is your body's abnormal response and not the allergen that does the damage. So coming in contact with the offending substance will not hurt, as long as you can control your reaction to it.



Allergic Rhinitis, a disease often known to be incurable and chronic can
be cured if treated with Homeopathic medicines. We, at Homoeo Clinic, have been treating patients suffering from Allergic Rhinitis with very good results.

If you feel above mentioned complaints, feel free to contact us. We are always there to help you.

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