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Thyroid Disorders



Hypothyroidism is a clinical condition, which results from deficiency of thyroid hormones. The onset of the disease is gradual and symptoms affect more than one system.


Primary thyroid gland involvement
Lack of pituitary TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)
Hypothalamic deficiency of TRH
Autoimmune thyroiditis


Body aches
Easy fatigability and tiredness
Puffiness of face
Edema feet
Weight gain
Increased sensitivity to cold
Dryness of skin
Brittle nails
Hair fall
Hoarseness of voice
Hearing loss
Tendency for repeated infections
Muscle cramps
Shortness of breath
Mood swings
Slow speech
Menorrhagia (profuse menses)
Occasionally rise in blood pressure


1. Avoid goitrogens (food that blocks the utilization of iodine): turnips, cabbage, mustard, cassava root, soybeans, peanuts, pine nuts and millets.

2. Cooking usually inactivates goitrogens. Increase consumption of iodine, it is an important building block of thyroid hormone such as sea food, meat, milk and milk.
3. Plants grown in iodine rich soils are also good source of iodine.
Iodized salt is a primary source of iodine.
Increase consumption of copper, selenium and zinc as these minerals are essential for normal thyroid hormone production and metabolism.

4.  Foods rich in copper: Meat gelatin, eggs, yeast, lamb; pork; pheasant quail; duck; goose; squid; salmon; organ meats.
Soy and soy products, nuts and seeds, beans, legumes; almonds, broccoli, garlic; bran breads and cereals; sea plants and mushrooms.
Dried beans - soy beans, lima beans, baked beans, dried peas; lentils; barley.
Dried fruits including raisins, dates, prunes, avocado, Chocolate.
Some amount of cooper is obtained from cooking in copper vessels.

5. Foods rich in selenium: Grains, Brazil nuts, garlic, wheat germ and brewer`s yeast, fish, shellfish, eggs, red meat, chicken and liver.

6. Food rich in zinc: Good dietary sources of zinc include seafood (especially oysters), beef, oatmeal, chicken, liver, spinach, nuts and seeds. Meat, poultry and milk, shell fish, crab, shrimp and sea plants etc. Plant foods are low in zinc, Whole wheat grains provide good amount of zinc.

7. Increase consumption of Omega-3 fatty acids, one of the PUFA`s (poly unsaturated fatty acids), as it also contributes to normal thyroid function: Fish and fish oils provide excellent forms of omega-3s as well as vitamin A, which improves thyroid receptor binding and thyroid hormone activity. Flax / linseed oil is the richest source of  PUFA`s. Other oils that contain PUFA`s are safflower oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, maize oil, sesame oil, rich bran oil, ground nut oil, mustard oil and olive oil.

8. Increase consumption of proteins - tyrosine, an amino acid is a precursor for making thyroid hormone : Milk and milk products, eggs (is the richest source), Flesh food: meat, fish, and poultry. Nuts and oilseeds, pulses, cereals.

9. Mild to moderate exercise is advisable, exercise stimulates thyroid gland function. Practise yoga, helps in increasing tissue sensitivity to thyroid hormone.

Hypothyroidism, a disease often known to be incurable and chronic can be cured if treated with Homeopathic medicines. life long allopathic medicines (thyronorm) is not required.

We, at Homoeo Clinic, have been treating patients suffering from hypothyroidism with very good results. Cure rate of hypothyroidism is almost cent percent at Homoeo Clinic. If you feel above mentioned complaints, feel free to contact us. We are always there to help you.

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