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A Case of Vitiligo Treated With Homoeopathy

     A young boy of 19 years, Mr PS, consulted Dr Dinesh Sharma for treatment of vitiligo spots all over the body. He came to know about Homoeo Clinic while  searching on internet for capable homoeopathic doctors for vitiligo treatment. He was given appointment for consultation on 23rd June 2013.

    Dr. Dinesh Sharma reviewed his history of all complaints dating back to 2011. During case taking, Dr. Sharma came to know that his complaints begun after he developed a scar on injury mark which turned white within a few weeks and started spreading to nearby parts to the extent that in 2013 when he visited our clinic he was almost 60% covered with white patches.

    The detailed case study was done, in which, he was found out to be suffering from allergic rhinitis too, for which he was consuming anti-allergic medicines on and off. His appetite, thirst was normal but it used to greatly reduce whenever he had an acute attack of rhinitis. He was short tempered and could not tolerate contradiction.

    After, carefully, going through his case, Dr. Dinesh Sharma, prescribed him constitutional medicine for 20 days.

    He has frequently followed up for the treatment since then and is satisfied with the results.

    He is still under treatment and has recovered 75% till now. His allergic rhinitis has not relapsed in last 8 months.

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