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Psoriasis Free LIFE with Homoeopthy

    A young man of  27 years, Mr P.M.Rastogi, visited Homoeo Clinic on November 11, 2009 for the complaint of psoriasis. He was suffering from psoriasis since 4 years and it kept on increasing until he visited our clinic.

    His lesion patches started appearing on left knee in 2005 for which he took local antibiotic ointment as he did not know it was psoriasis nor his doctor could identify. Since then, he had been developing patches on other knee, both legs, both arms, nape of neck back. In the beginning of 2009, he spotted patches in the scalp too.

    His problem became worse in every winter. He had been on allopathic treatment since 4 years off and on with no or temporary relief. But he noticed his patches had increased every coming winters.

    He was then, suggested about visiting Dr Dinesh Sharma by his uncle, who is also taking treatment for hairfall from Homoeo Clinic.

    During his first visit, his detailed case was studied by Dr Dinesh Sharma and was prescribed Constitutional medicine according to his case details and was asked to follow up after 20 days. To his surprise, he got substantial relief from itching in the very first 20 days. This made him the firm believer in Dr Dinesh Sharma and homoeopathy and hence took medicine till 2012 in routine. He suffered ups and downs during treatment i.e. occasional flare up of itching episodes but his patches kept on reducing in size with time.

    He is now living completely psoriasis free life since 2012 as reported when he came for treatment of his child for seasonal influenza symptoms.

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