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Migraine treated successfully with Homoeopathy

    A lady aged 54 years was referred to Homoeo Clinic by her relative for the treatment of migraine. She was suffering from migraine from last 25 years. Every month she had to spoil her three to four days because of the disability this attack used to bring on. She had to take leave from work and shun every one during these 4 days of attack. Although she had taken all the available treatment for her complaints but no relief.

    During case taking I came to know her attack was brought on from disturbed sleep as she had a hectic schedule from morning till late night. Her appetite and thirst falls greatly during attack. She desires to stay alone in a room when lights off and no disturbance. She was extremely chilly.

    On the basis of totality of the symptoms, Dr. Dinesh Sharma prescribed her Nux vom 200 three doses and kali phos 6x regular. She was given treatment for approximately 7 months. Now she is completely free from her trouble and leading happy and peaceful life.

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