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Relief in case of Allergic Rhinitis with Homoeopathy

    A girl aged 19 years, had been suffering from recurrent cold and cough since 5 years. Any change in weather, temperature or exposure to dust would trigger an attack of constant sneezing followed by watery coryza. She had to take anti- allergic tablet to get relief. She was very depressed about her problems, even her family was too worried for her. One of her father’s friend reffered them to visit Homoeo Clinic. On the whole She was quite healthy and had no other health problem. None of her family member suffered from the same complaint. During case taking, her mother told that she had become dull in her studies from last few years. She had been losing confidence and started shunning friends. She was fond of sweets and fast food and had great thirst for water. She remained constipated since childhood. She was very indecisive and had marked fear of dark and water.

    On the basis of totality of the symptoms, She was prescribed Baryta Carb 200 by Dr. Dinesh Sharma and was asked to follow up after 10 days. On her follow up, she told that she felt better but sneezing was still present early in the morning. With continued medication, over a period of 3 months, her attacks reduced in intensity and frequency. Her immunity has improved. And now she is free from her continued trouble.

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